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Adhesive Superbonder

This is a new revolutionary product to maximise lash retention, works with ANY adhesive.

How does it work?

Superbonder instantly bonds adhesive fumes. This results in the clients eyes being a lot less irritated after the treatment (because fumes are the main culprit that cause that) and your extensions will stay on a lot better!

Superbonder also adds elasticity to adhesive bonding points thus making them seamless to touch and less prone to break (normal dried cyanoacrylate is not very flexible which is one of the reasons lashes fall off after a while).

How do I use Superbonder?

Wait 2mins after you’ve attached the last extension. Squeeze 2 drops of Superbonder onto a microfiber brush and wipe adhesive bonding points.

You do not need to soak bonding points, a little bit of the product goes a long way. Air dry and you’re lashes are ok to get wet already 3mins later so you can wash them if you like, go swimming etc :)

Is Superbonder ok to use with volume lashes?

Yes Superbonder can be used with all types of lashes, it does not close volume lash fans.

How many treatments can I get out of one bottle?

One bottle is enough for 150-200 clients.

This product is manufactured in the European Union and complies with all EU regulations