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  • Ruthie Belle Lash Lash Lift Starter Kit

    What is included:
    1 x Lash Lift silicon shield set small
    1 x Lash Lift silicon shield set medium
    1 x Lash Lift silicon shield set large
    1 x Lash Lift tool
    1 x Lash Lift adhesive
    1 x Lash Lift Superboost perming lotion
    (airless dispenser 5ml)
    1 x Lash Lift Superboost fixing lotion
    (airless dispenser 5ml)
    1 x Lash Lift Lamination Superbooster
    (airless dispenser 5ml)

    Why Ruthie Belle Lash Lift?

    One tube is enough for 15+ treatments and stays fresh for at least 4 months after
    opening. Due to the new dispensers the loss of material is minimized and thanks to this innovation technicians are able to perform the treatment quicker thus maximising their revenue.

    It is important to note that due to the VERY mild chemical composition the lotions :
    1. Can be applied to the full length of lashes, not only the base

    2. When clients come back with a prior Lash Lift the outcome of the treatment will look as
    perfect as the first time around with no kinks in lashes from the first treatment

    3. Although results last up to 6-8 weeks, the treatment may be repeated already after 3-4
    weeks without excessive dehydration/breaking lashes

    4.Misjudging the structure of clients lashes and keeping the lotions on for too long will not
    over process them! This makes the treatment very safe even for new technicians and
    will also prevent the tips of the lashes from getting over processed.

    5. Do not have a distinctive odour

    The steps of the Lash Lift Superboost treatment are:

    1. Perming the lashes (perming lotion) 15 mins, weak lashes 12 mins

    2. Fixing the curl (fixing lotion) 15 mins, weak lashes 12 mins

    3. Tinting (if desired)

    4. Nourishing the lashes with Superbooster

    It’s important to know that “Lash Lift Superboost” product line is meant for professional use only, except for “Lamination Superbooster” which is suitable for everyone, including nonprofessionals.

    NB! This is only the starter kit for Lash Lift products, it does NOT include training.